5 Axis Machining of Large Work Pieces to 50”

Double Column Horizontal - Simultaneous 5 Axis
Machining Center with Pallet Changer
High Torque - High Productivity
Cat50 10,000 RPM, 50HP Spindle



High Speed 5 Axis Machining of Work Pieces to 13” Matsuura MAM72-35V .

4 Machines

34 Pallets, 320 Tools, 20,000RPM Spindle
High Pressure Coolant, Probes, Tailstock

NMV 3000 DCG High-precision, 5-axes control vertical machining center that uses DDM on rotary axes.

2 Machines

Max. X-axis travel: 19.7 in.

Max. Y-axis travel: 13.8 in.
Max. Z-axis travel: 20.1 in.
Max. table load: 220 lbs.
Table diameter: 13.8 in