Warmelin offers state-of-the-art capabilities for the manufacturing of your milled components. Our Milling Department is comprised of 12 CNC milling centers consisting of both Horizontal and Vertical mills.

CNC Milling - 6 Axis Vertical

CNC Milling - 5 Axis Vertical

CNC Milling - FMS

Warmelin has responded to Global Competition in the only way possible, it has become more productive utilizing the latest technologies. Using a Linear Pallet Pool System (FMS) with two Mori Seiki Horizontal Machining Centers and 26 Pallets, Warmelin can run unattended or “Lights Out” Production. Designing Cost savings into the Production Process helps our Customers to remain Competitive.

Horizontal Machining Centers and High Production Manufacturing

Warmelin offers 5 Horizontal Machining Centers for complex and high volume production runs.
Our Mori Seiki SH5000 horizontals truly set the standard for efficiency, reliability, and accuracy.

Horizontal capability allows us to approach a part from multiple part surfaces per work holding. In doing so the advantage is simply this:

  • "Higher Precision" - Less handling which leads to improved part quality.
  • Reduced set-up costs
  • Reduced fixturing/hard tooling costs
  • Eliminates down time with 26 pallet system for unattended machining. Operator is able to work on one pallet while another is being machined.
  • Faster throughput due to high speed machining capability with 12,000 RPM spindles.
  • Allows for Warmelin to machine more efficiently a vast array of materials due to high torque spindles.

Adding horizontal milling capability is ideal in our efforts to provide high quality products, at a fair and competitive price, with faster turnaround times.

5-6 Axis Machining

Warmelin offers state of the art machining on their two 6 Axis Okuma Machining centers.

Featuring 120” x 34” x 28” travels with a 12,000 RPM, 75 HP spindles, these machines are the answer to your Aerospace Structural needs. Aluminum or Titanium is easily machined on these robust state of the art machines.

Vertical Milling Centers

Warmelin offers 6 vertical milling centers for short-run through high production runs. We obtain added versatility by having both 40-taper and 50-taper machines with spindle speeds ranging from 8,000 to 12,000 rpms. Couple this with our horizontal capability, and we are sure to assign the right machine for your project requirements. Fourth axis attachments allow us to perform complex contouring operations and 180-degree part rotation for precise concentricity of drilled holes from top to bottom.

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