15 CNC Lathes...

WARMELIN’s CNC Turning Department is comprised of 15 CNC Lathes capable of turning diameters as small as .20 inches (smaller in some cases) and as large as 22.5 inches and up to 50 inches long. We’re equipped with automatic bar feeders with bar capacity ranging from 3/8” to 3” diameter. WARMELIN continuously invests in the latest technology in an effort to improve Quality, Cost, and Throughput. This translates into higher quality components at a fair and competitive price with improved turnaround times.

Using advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) equipment, we produce custom parts that match our customers’ unique designs. Computer-controlled automation makes it possible for CNC machinery to quickly and efficiently deliver tight tolerance parts and perfect part-to-part and lot-to-lot uniformity. We continually upgrade our equipment to stay at the cutting edge of technology and to give our customers the highest quality parts possible.