Once a part is machined, it isn’t finished. Warmelin’s Deburring Department adds the final touch to the manufacturing process by examining every part under magnification; removing burrs and sharp edges. We do this with an experienced staff apart from all other processes to insure universal conformity. The final phase is the removal of oil and debris through an ultrasonic wash process.

Warmelin’s Deburring Department is comprised of the following capital equipment:

  • Ultrasonic wash
  • Ultrasonic rinse
  • Final rinse
  • Dryer
  • Vibratory Tumblers
  • Various media utilized


  • Hydrotron Filtration System
    • Air filtration system
  • Magnifying Lenses
  • Microscopes
  • Bead Blaster / Sandblast


Warmelin maintains its competitive edge by using the latest technologies available to machine all metals on mid to high complex components as well as the utilization of multi pallet equipment for your high volume activities. Continual equipment upgrades keep Warmelin at the forefront of industry technology and enable us to deliver the highest quality precision parts for our customers.