President's Message

At Warmelin Precision Products (WPP) our mission is to produce and deliver highly complex machined parts that meet or exceed the customer’s requirements. We achieve this through our people, knowledge and by focusing on our core operating values:

  • Customer focused
  • Market driven
  • Performance excellence
  • Dignity and respect for all
  • Teamwork

We uphold a Code of Ethical Business Conduct (the “Code”)and recommit ourselves to it annually because, as a supplier of highly complex machined parts in the Aerospace industry, we have serious obligations to our customers, employees and communities. We have a responsibility to:

  • Make reliable, high-quality products that our customers will have confidence using;
  • Perform our job functions efficiently and effectively;
  • Use processes that are safe for WPP employees and for our surrounding environment and communities; and
  • Comply with all rules and regulations governing our work and products

The Code supports and helps articulate our core operating values and our commitment to personal responsibility and a values-driven culture. We are WPP, and our performance and behavior is the measure by which our company will succeed. While the Code mainly provides guidelines for how we behave within the Company, its impact is very public. By living the Code, we protect WPP’s reputation and shape every aspect of our collective success as a company, as well as our individual progress as WPP employees. That’s why a quick glance through this document isn’t enough. We all need to read it thoroughly, sign it and keep a copy close by for reference.

The Code is for all of us - employees, directors and managers. I expect everyone to follow the letter of the Code in its entirety. Each of us must be personally accountable for doing what is right and for raising ethical concerns or questions. We should do so without fear of retaliation, as retaliatory acts are never tolerated at WPP.

It is important that each of us continue to behave responsibly and ethically to uphold WPP’s legacy. Knowing and following this Code will help us do so.

Thank you all for your continued efforts.

Doug Horton
President & Owner

Warmelin Precision Products
12705 Daphne Avenue, Hawthorne, CA 90250

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