At Warmelin Precision Products, close communication and collaboration between manufacturing and quality assurance, has led to SOP’s where simplicity, reliability, and manufacturability are key results. Our quality program is certified to ISO 9001 and AS9100 to ensure the controls are in place to meet our customers’ expectations. Adherence to these standards and policies coupled with our internal drive to continuously improve is the impetus behind our continued growth.


Six Sigma Focus : Our goal is to provide a high quality machined product to our customers through continuous improvement of manufacturing processes and operational performance.

We will accomplish this through:

  • Anticipating the needs of our market.
  • Listening to and understanding our customers’ expectations.
  • Investing in tools and equipment to expand our capabilities.
  • Investing in our people through Six Sigma Focus training and education.
  • Evaluating/improving our internal capabilities.
  • Providing a challenging and rewarding company environment.

Warmelin has one the most extensive inspection departments in the industry. It has the capability to measure within one ten thousandths of an inch for all parts, both internally and externally.

Warmelin has recently partnered with SEA, the Supplier Excellence Alliance to help us improve on time delivery, improve quality, and reduce costs.

SEA is an association of leading aerospace, defense and space prime contractors whose purpose is to develop the capabilities of their supplier companies. SEA is implementing a common industry-wide Lean Enterprise System adopted by the top twenty primes in our industry.

The goal of SEA is to create a unified vision and a collaborative industry-wide approach to supplier development that eliminates duplication and aligns existing resources. It uses a common approach to lean production and customizes it to each supplier’s needs.

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