We at Warmelin aim at providing our customers the best total value for their components, not just a machined part. We’ve realized over the years that companies are looking for suppliers who bring more value to the production of each component. As a result, Warmelin has developed a comprehensive Value-chain of companies who allow us to incorporate the following services:

  • FINISHING: Plating / Anodizing / Passivating / Painting / Masking / Priming / Etc.
  • MARKING: Laser Etching / Pad Printing / Silk Screening / Etc.

  • When you link your project to Warmelin, you are simultaneously linking to all of the Approved suppliers in our supply-chain. Think of the supply-chain as the bloodstream that feeds every cell along the production path. Rather than cutting several POs to have your components machined, then plated, then marked, etc… Warmelin only requires one PO and we’ll handle the rest.

  • By shifting the responsibility to Warmelin, you end up purchasing ONLY GOOD parts. Fall-out is our responsibility; additional administrative cost becomes our responsibility; you’ll reduce internal costs of inspection, scrap, administration, etc., while spending less money on headache medicine.

The following components required the following value-added processes:


Anodize, Marking (pad printing), Assembly, Packaging.

  • We realize we may not have the expertise to support every program opportunity. We will make a conscious effort to review your project requirements in conjunction with our value-chain to determine a fit. If a process or processes are required that we currently do not offer, we will investigate accommodating your requirements by broadening our Approved supplier base if necessary.